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For a homebased business owner unfamiliar with computer terminology, discussing technology needs with your ITC can be a frustrating experience. Still, you don't need to be fluent in technospeak to express yourself clearly.

Chang suggests describing your technology needs to the ITC in terms of applications, rather than specific brands or model numbers. "Tell them your objectives, what you want the technology to help you achieve," says Chang. "If you prepare an itemized list, the ITC should be able to translate those objectives into a series of project goals, software and hardware requirements that will accomplish those objectives."

Ramon Ray agrees that the burden of clear communication lies on the shoulders of the consultant. "If the ITC is good, he'll keep his mouth shut and eyes open, listen to the business owner and figure out what the technology needs of the business are, because oftentimes business owners can't say what products they need, but they can say what problems they're having that may be solvable with technology. Don't try to give the ITC all the tech talk, and say we need this and that, because you really may not need what you think. Tell that person where you want to end up at, and see what solutions he can come up with."

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