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Easy Money

You've tried the lottery. You've even tried selling your Schwinn. Ever wonder why you can't get to the "M" word? Here's millionaire advice straight from the horses' mouths.

Gum chewing? Child's play. Blinking? Easy. Becoming a millionaire? Piece of cake. In your grandparents' grandparents' time, it was harder to make a million. The law of averages says most people worked on a farm. Others laid railroad track for 10 cents a day, while still others froze in the mountains because their wagon wheels broke. Some people's ancestors wated their lives in a saloon as the town drunk or local prostitute. Whatever they were, in all likelihood, they were not rich. Today, it's different. The American Dream is finally accessible to every-one. Being a millionaire has never been easier.

OK, maybe the process isn't as simple as blinking, but it rivals gum chewing. (You have to go to the store and wait in line to buy the darn stuff, and then there's all that unwrapping.) This roving reporter was recently dispatched to talk to a handful of "millionaire experts" and see what advice they had for making an easy million or two . . . or 20.

If these suggestions don't work for you, please don't return this magazine asking for your money back. Hey, I'd like to be a millionaire someday, too.

Geoff Williams (, a frequent contributor to Business Start-Ups, says he's excited when he finds a quarter under his sofa cushions.

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Geoff Williams has written for numerous publications, including Entrepreneur, Consumer Reports, LIFE and Entertainment Weekly. He also is the author of Living Well with Bad Credit.

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