The Whole Truth

Shaping Up!

The majority of homebased business owners are decorated veterans of the battle of the bulge: Nearly 70 percent of you exercise an average of five hours a week. For some, working out is a full-time job in and of itself. Sixty hours per week, personal trainer Sharyn Pak and her husband, Maurice Richard, co-founders of Rockledge, Pennsylvania-based Bringing Fitness To You, get up at 4 a.m., jump in a van full of exercise equipment, and travel to appointments around Philadelphia. Despite the profuse amount of sweat involved, the couple swears they love what they do--and enjoy the fact they never have to punch a time clock.

Out Of The Rat Race

One survey question asked whether readers ever longed for the stability and social support of an office environment. While more than 80 percent said they most certainly did not, one respondent seemed especially adamant about his answer, writing "NEVER! NEVER! NEVER!" in the margin in inch-high letters. When asked what all the nevers were about, Lak Vohra answered, "I have had many jobs, and there was always some kind of office politics going on. Putting up with people in a hostile work environment is difficult. It was really hard for me to enjoy myself and feel comfortable. Also, [it] tended to impact my productivity."

Three years ago, Vohra became the self-proclaimed "party guru" of Washington, DC, compiling detailed listings of business and social networking events around the city and turning them into Party Digest, a monthly newsletter he publishes from his Springfield, Virginia, home. Vohra works 75 hours per week, producing Party Digest during the day and networking 'til the wee hours. Still, he's very pleased with the freedom his homebased business allows: "I use that extra hour I used to spend commuting to sleep."

Naked Eyes

While pajamas, bathrobes and bunny slippers are the chic ensemble of choice for a significant number of homebased business owners, 38 percent of you claim to attend to important business in your birthday suits. One respondent from Rockwood, Tennessee, was more than willing to bare her soul--as long as we didn't mention her name. "I would hate for clients to think I'm working in the nude when I'm talking to them on the phone," she says. "It's not that I'm a nudist or anything like that, but when you have an office in your home, sometimes you go straight from bed right to the computer or telephone, and then you take a shower and come right back into the office. I get so busy and involved in my work, I sometimes forget to get dressed." Sound familiar?

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