From the September 1999 issue of Startups

Working at a computer for a long period of time can be a real pain in the back. This is where StretchWare comes in. Stretching guru Bob Anderson designed the software to include 14 different stretching routines: everything from stretches for your lower back and stretches for when you've spent too much time surfing the Net to stretches for when you're stressed out. Each routine is broken down into six stretches and only takes a minute or two to complete, so you don't have to worry about wasting valuable time. The advantage is, you can keep your body feeling good and your productivity up.

Your choice of sound (Tibetan bell, harp or clock) can be set to chime as a reminder at regular intervals of keystrokes or mouse clicks. The software politely asks if you have time to stretch. Tell it "yes" and away you go, stretching along to the instructions. Your computer is your own personal trainer. At $29.95 (street), StretchWare is compatible with Macintosh and Windows 95/98. Reach over to for the details.