Mighty Mouse

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Model: Cirque's GlidePoint Touchpad

Phone Number: (800) 454-3375

Type Of Device: Pressure-sensitive trackpad

Features: Four programmable buttons; glide-extend function

List Price: $89.00

Model: Contour Design's Contour Mouse

Phone Number: (800) 462-6678

Type Of Device: Ergonomic, tilted mouse

Features: Three different sizes; three buttons

List Price: $79.95

Model: Gyration's GyroPoint Desk

Phone Number: (800) 316-5432

Type Of Device: Portable, oval-shaped mouse with wrist action remote device

Features: 10-foot cord; two buttons

List Price: $149 GyroPoint Desk

Model: Hunter Digital's NoHands Mouse

Phone Number: (800) 57-MOUSE

Type Of Device: Foot-operated mouse

Features: Hands-free; 10-inch-long pedals; 6-foot cord

List Price: $199.95

Model: Interlink Electronics's RemotePointPlus

Phone Number: (800) 340-1331

Type Of Device: Infrared cordless pointing device;battery-operated

Features: 40-foot range; two standard buttons plus four programmable buttons

List Price: $199.95

Model: Kantek's Spectrum RingMouse

Phone Number: (800) 536-3212

Type Of Device: Cordless, infrared finger-ring device and receiver

Features: Two buttons; one-year battery; automatic sleep mode; sensitivity adjustment

List Price: $99.00

Model: Laserex's SM-3 Hawk

Phone Number: (800) 225-5503

Type Of Device: Infrared, remote-control handheld mouse and receiver

Features: Three buttons; 30-foot range; built-in laser pointer

List Price: $299.00

Model: Logitech's TrackMan Live!

Phone Number: (800) 231-7717

Type Of Device: Remote mouse

Features: Three progammable buttons; 30-foot range; receiver unit has 4-foot cord

List Price: $149.00

Model: Logitech's Trackman Marble

Phone Number: (800) 231-7717

Type Of Device: Thumb-operated trackball

Features: Thumb-operated; three standard buttons; three standard buttons; three assignable button; cursor tracker option

List Price: $99.95

Model: Microsoft Corp. 's Microsoft Mouse 2.0

Phone Number: (800) 426-9400

Type Of Device: Ergonomic mouse

Features: Windows-and-DOS compatible; curves to the left; two buttons; mouse is rounded to fit into palm

List Price: $59.95

Model: MicroSpeed's MultiMouse

Phone Number: (800) 232-7888

Type Of Device: Serial connector

Features: Plug in two mice or one trackball and one mouse

List Price: $19.00

Model: MicroSpeed's PC-Trac Deluxe/MacTrac Deluxe

Phone Number: (800) 232-7888

Type Of Device: Trackballs

Features: Three buttons; 6-foot cord

List Price: $99.00

Model: Mitsumi Electronics's Wireless Mouse

Phone Number: (800) MITSUMI

Type Of Device: Cordless ergonomic mouse and receiver

Features: Two buttons; 3-foot range; three-year battery

List Price: $49.95

Model: Touché 's Touch Pad

Phone Number: (800) 223-6433

Type Of Device: Trackpad

Features: Edge motion; pressure-sensitive pad; two buttons; customizable control panel; 6-foot cord

List Price: $59.95

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This article was originally published in the July 1996 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Mighty Mouse.

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