Finding The Right Business

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What Is a Business Opportunity?

The Basic Deal

Business-opportunity packages offer a first step into business. The typical business opportunity offer runs, "For a lump-sum purchase price, we will provide you with a package of materials explaining in detail how to make money operating a particular, usually simple, business. We provide instructional materials in our package and sell you the the equipment/products/display devices you'll need to start and conduct the business. You'll go forth and sell your products/serivces under any name you choose in an active and competitive marketplace. This is a one-time transaction, and after this we won't have a continuing relationship with you, except possibly to sell you additional supplies of products/services. You will not pay us continuing royalties."

For some people, a business-opportunity investment is an affordable way to get their feet wet in business. However, it can also pose problems. If the business isn't right for you, or worse, if it's not completely lefit, your investment is 100 percent wasted.

Your task in evaluating a business opportunity is to determine whether it's the right business for you, whether you can afford it and whether the business is all it's cracked up to be. Sometimes, that's not as simple as it sounds.

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