Pound for Pound

Steering Clear of Temptation

Tips for what I call "kitchen avoidance":

  • Plan ahead. If possible, rent or buy a mini refrigerator and a microwave or hot plate for your home office. Stock the refrigerator with bottled water, low-calorie drinks like vegetable juice, and coffee creamer. Put a stash of coffee or tea in your office. Limit yourself to the beverages kept only in your office. No room or money for a refrigerator? Get an insulated ice chest.
  • When it's mealtime, move out of the office and fix yourself a relaxed, sit-down, nutritional lunch (or mini-meal, if you like a morning and/or afternoon snack.) Have vegetables or a salad, and protein (such as sliced turkey breast or tuna) on whole-grain bread with mustard. It doesn't take long to fix. A cup of instant soup (not the cream kind, which is generally the most caloric: Check those labels!) can make a good, simple snack, as can carrot and celery sticks or a sliced apple with a small slice of low-fat cheese.
  • Even if you're not seeing clients, avoid wearing those comfy, loose sweatpants day after day. They make it alarmingly easy to ignore any weight gain because your clothes always fit. Wear jeans or other outfits that have a waistband. If it doesn't zip or fasten, you know you need to re-examine your food and exercise plan.

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