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But what if you don't have a dog or you live in a section of the country where it's too rainy/cold/hot for comfortable walking? If you're hoping those facts excuse you from acquiring an entrepreneurial exercise regime, think again. Consider these ways of working exercise into your day:

  • Follow Furnas' method and use an exercise video for your workout breaks. Regardless of the weather, you can exercise. And the increasing number of fitness videos available means you can enjoy variety. One of the best online sites to purchase these videos at is Collage Video, which offers fitness videos for all types of workouts, from stretch to cross-training to dance.
  • Invest in a health club membership. Make sure the gym offers the types of equipment and features you like. For example, if you're a beginning exerciser, you'll want to look for a gym with certified fitness trainers. If you enjoy taking classes, such as aerobics or yoga, check out the course schedule. Then schedule in a tri-weekly visit to your gym.

Sandi, who has gradually started to lose some of the "entrepreneurs' extra," as she refers to her weight gain, sets her alarm for 7 each morning and lays out her gym attire the night before. "That way, I get up, get dressed and go. I discovered that if I waited until the afternoon or evening [to exercise], it was too easy to come up with excuses," Sandi says. An unexpected bonus of her gym membership: "I've met other women and men with home offices, so I don't feel so isolated anymore."

  • Purchase exercise equipment for your home. It can be as simple and inexpensive as a jump rope, a few weights and a single fitness video, or as complex as a stair climber, recumbent exercise bike and a variety of weight-lifting machines.

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