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Stretch Those Muscles

But suppose you've dutifully driven off to the gym in the morning, returned home and had an intense day at the computer. It's mid-afternoon and even though you aren't hungry, your shoulders and neck hurt and you need a break. Seeking entertainment, you dreamily contemplate those pretty frosted cupcakes left over from your daughter's Girl Scout meeting.

Quick! Before you succumb, take a virtual visit to one of these online stretch-at-your-desk sites:

  • InteliHealth offers a series of "deskercises" for every part of your body. Scroll down to Health Resources and click the Deskercise link.
  • Ergoaerobics will banish those aches and pains. And if you're concerned about such potential problems as carpal tunnel and repetitive stress syndrome, this is definitely a Web site you should check out.

Joanne Eglash has written for publications and Web sites ranging from Shape Magazine, the San Jose Mercury News and Tech Week to KidsHealth.org, CareerLink, Oxygen.com and Netsurfer Digest.

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