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Small Bucks

Not a Hopeless Situation
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Money's No Object

Believe it or not, if coming up with the money is just plain impossible, you still have options. Some franchise systems, like GNC, accept partnerships in which one person has the business savvy and the other the money, and sometimes even a relationship in which the investor is a silent partner. According to Russ Cooper, GNC Franchising Inc.'s senior vice president and general manager, their units range from $118,231 to $173,031. Prospective franchisees must put up $60,000 cash; the company finances the rest.

Obviously, the axiom, "Where there's a will, there's a way," definitely holds true in franchising. But the right combination isn't going to fall into your lap. It takes perseverance, flexibility and creativity to find the blend of franchising and financing that works best for you.

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