Future Earnings

Tommi Lewis

Editor in chief of Teen magazine (with the Teen magazine editors)

Being instantly connected to their friends and social community is a priority in teens' lives. New technology being offered at a rapid-fire pace makes all this easier. So wireless gadgets, cell phones and the Internet will become even more common essential tools and toys.

In a larger sense, teens are driving computer technology as well as inventing it. Teens fueled the P2P [person-to-person] sites like Napster and Gnutella; they're the primary users of MP3. From a generation that grew up totally wired, expect more inventions and a major influence over the look, feel and coolness of the newest products.

Teen predicts a backlash against boy bands and fake celebs and sees teens choosing reality-based entertainment even more extreme than Survivor and Real World. Expect to see more reality series with Web connections, even an all-reality cable channel.

Teen girls will participate more in sports, and more superstar girls will emerge like the Williams sisters and Mia Hamm have. Extreme sports will continue to be popular. From all this, teen-based sportswear and gear will be huge. We'll be seeing trainers in metallic colors, and Roxy Girl and other West-Coast-based sportswear manufacturers will hit it even bigger.

Accessories will dominate clothing trends: hair accessories, bracelets, earrings, belts with rhinestones, sequins and faux animal prints. Also, do-it-yourself for teens is huge for accessories, apparel and room d├ęcor.

Teens will become even more powerful consumers, making purchasing de-cisions and being catered to by the most sophisticated marketers. But behind all this lie many of the same core issues, like: "How can I make this zit go away?" "Will this guy/girl ever like me?" That's the teen in 2001.

Elaine S. Peck

Business consultant and co-author of The Psychic Next Door

2001 will be a magnificent year for business, particularly if you've been in business for at least five years. As the Age of Aquarius and the millennium finally truly dawn, this will be a spiritual year and one [in which] the world as we know it will change.

In business, it's time to clean out what's not important anymore. 2001 is a "3" year, with a lot of emphasis on family and spirituality. This is the time to add balance to your life. And trust your gut when making decisions. Three is the number of success and abundance, so prosperity will reign.

There will be many opportunities coming in 2001, but first you should learn from your past mistakes. Dotcoms-those that survive-will be on stronger ground.

In 2001, fear and doubt will lose you everything. It's a no-fear year.

Ken Blanchard

Chief spiritual officer of The Ken Blanchard Companies, a consulting, training and development company; and co-author of The One Minute Manager (HarperCollins)

Hiring and retaining good people [will be critical in 2001]. The role of managers will be more important than others because the number-one indicator of job satisfaction is the relationship people have with their bosses. I think, more than ever before, people want to work for servant leaders. Servant leaders [aren't] trying to please everybody. The servant leader is trying to please the mission and the values of the organization. They see that their main reason for leading is to serve-not to maintain their position. There are too many self-serving leaders, [whose] main goal is to [keep] their position and power and control. That's not going to fly anymore. Particularly with the Generation Y people coming into the work force. They watched their parents remain loyal to companies and get screwed. These kids are coming from a whole different approach to organizations. So the whole "my way or the highway" [style of management] is completely out.

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This article was originally published in the December 2000 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Future Earnings.

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