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Work at Home and Have an Office

If you love the homebased business lifestyle but you need more space for your operations, moving out isn't your only option.

Tony Todaro had 20 subcontractors and an impressive roster of high tech and financial services industry clients, but he was still working out of his Redondo Beach, California, home. He was hesitant to lease office space again. Five years earlier, he moved his marketing communications firm, Todaro Communications Inc. into an office on the 18th floor of a Los Angeles high rise. When the 1994 Northridge earthquake struck, extensive damage to his office and equipment sent him back to the homebased world.

By late last year, however, he was looking around again for a real office.

"I needed a formal place to make formal presentations to clients," says Todaro. He also felt an office would improve his image because "big companies like to have a feeling of doing business with a company of their peers."

This time he found a great alternative to a full-time office-classy offices and conference rooms he can use on an as needed basis. He found what he was looking for at e-Virtual Suites, located in a sleek, blue and yellow office building near the Los Angeles airport. eVirtual Suites rents offices, conference rooms and business services on an as-needed basis, while making available full-time receptionists to answer private, dedicated phone lines.

The company provides clients with a permanent address, a building directory listing, and phone, fax and voice-mail service. When using the space, Todaro can take advantage of clerical services from word processing, faxing and copying to mailing, printing and notarizing. When he's not there, "telereceptionists" answer his calls. A pop-up screen on their computer terminals provides information specific to his business. They can also patch calls through to him anywhere in the world. By not having full-time space or hiring a receptionist or clerical support, Todaro keeps his overhead low and can pass those savings on to his clients.

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