Merger of Mail/Shipping Giants

Growth and Expansion Plans

FZ: What about expansion plans for the company? Will there be more or less growth nationally and internationally?

Amos: These are two companies very committed to international growth and expansion. We have about 1,000 stores internationally now, and UPS has been focused on its international business for a number of years, so the two brands will complement each other in the international market.

Domestically, if I'm an entrepreneur looking at the world of franchising and thinking about where to invest my money, the combination of the MBE/UPS platform is one that becomes top-of-mind for me. I want stability-UPS is a 100-year-old company, MBE is 20 years old. I want a proven track record-more than 4,300 centers around the world today have demonstrated the conceptual plan of MBE. I surely want a strong financial structure, and with a parent that has $28 billion in revenue and a market cap of $65 billion, that's about as strong a financial structure as you can get. MBE itself will do about $1.5 billion in system sales this year. We're going to see a dramatic expansion of the network in traditional locations, nontraditional locations, alternative distribution sites and perhaps even the branding of some independents that want to be part of the MBE/UPS platform.

FZ: What kind of ideas do you have for nontraditional stores/locations?

Amos: We already have locations in hotels and convention centers around the country, like the San Diego Convention Center and the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City. We have locations in airports, like Chicago's O'Hare, and on Navy bases and Air Force bases around the world. [MBE also has locations on college campuses nationwide.] Those types of express and business locations will be expanding.

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