Unleash Your Idea Power

Trying to increase sales? You'll close more deals if you can offer your clients a solution that meets their needs or helps them reach their goal.

Let's talk about motivation. Why do customers buy from you? Is it because you're an overwhelmingly persuasive, silver-tongued devil? Is it because you have strong personal relationships with your clients? These attributes can't hurt, but you need more than just good looks and charm to sell a customer. You need ideas.

The main reason people buy from you is because you give them something of value. The most valuable item you can bring to clients is an idea to meet one of their needs or help them reach one of their goals. Ideas are motivators.

Now you're ready for the next step in the Creative Selling System. Step one is acquiring some basic knowledge about the client. Once you've learned about the basics of the client's business, you can develop a client goal to be reached or need to be satisfied. That's the second step. The third step is when you come up with an idea to reach that goal. I call this "ideation."

I'm careful to point out the three separate steps because one of the biggest temptations you face is coming up with an idea and immediately pitching it. But if the idea is not connected to a goal, you're going to be wrong a lot of the time. If you'll just do the first two steps-research the customer and come up with a goal-before you take the third step, you'll find that your ideas are a lot more accurate and much more attractive.

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