Toon Up

Make your brand as instantly recognizable as Bugs Bunny.
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Motivated by research showing that soft-drink slurping is a contributing factor in many instances of childhood obesity, one enterprising dairy company has figured out a "Wile E." way to market its milk drinks by appealing to the kids' sweet tooths.


Bravo! Foods, a fluid milk marketer in North Palm Beach, Florida, began business in China, taking over a lackluster milk brand there called "Happy Family" and infusing it with Western-style appeal. After some research, the company figured out that producing a line of flavored milks and branding it for maximum kid appeal was the way to go.


The challenge: establishing a brand name without spending a fortune. "We noticed the growing popularity of Looney Tunes characters among Chinese children," says Bravo! CEO Roy Warren. The company arranged a licensing deal to get Bugs Bunny, Wile E. Coyote and others on their packaging-and got almost instant name recognition.


Bolstered by the immediate success of their Looney Tunes Flavored Milks in China last year, and by reports of a link between soft drink consumption and obesity in America, Bravo! confidently entered the U.S. market. Allying itself with dairy cooperatives around the country (Bravo! provides them with ingredient kits), the line is now in 25 states and growing. "We are the 'Coca-Cola,' and they are the bottlers," says Warren. A smart way to milk the burgeoning market for healthy beverage alternatives.

Jerry Fisher, a freelance advertising copywriter, is also the author of Creating Successful Small Business Advertising.

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