Pricing Your Product to Sell

But What if the Software's a Hit?

On the flip side, their biggest challenge is when they have a winner and must ship thousands of copies within 48 hours. Then, Cosmi's 150 employees shift into overdrive to fill the orders. (The company recently opened a division in Europe with 15 employees in the United Kingdom.)

If a retailer asks for a specific software program, Cosmi engineers can turn it around very quickly. For instance, after the September 11 terrorist attacks, a customer wanted a software program to help thwart identity theft. COSMI had it ready to ship in eight days. It would have taken a bigger company several years to do the work, Johnson says.

Comfortable with technology, Johnson began his career in the magnetic tape business and built one of the world's largest tape manufacturing facilities. Working closely with Radio Shack, his company eventually became the electronic chain's primary supplier of cassette tapes.

In the 1970s, magnetic tape was the memory device used in computers. Johnson says he began to learn more about the computer business. He had an offer to get involved in designing computer games but passed on it. But, by 1982, he knew personal computers would become a permanent part of life and believed software would someday become a commodity. (He still doesn't use a computer, but has two high-speed pencil sharpeners on his desk.) He also avoided being swept up by dot com mania, although the company does operate a Web site at

When asked why he named the company Cosmi, he laughed. "Back in college, I took a marketing course that taught me if you want to create a name that is memorable, use five letters to spell something that mean nothing," said Johnson. "Think about Atari, Kodak and Exxon." Once he came up with the name, Johnson decided Cosmi stood for "Computer Operated Software Manufacturing International."

Here is some advice for entrepreneurs from Johnson: "Make a really solid business plan, and don't forget the profit and loss statement," he said. "Most failures are due to the fact that the guy who started the business just sees it from one angle."

Johnson also advises against having too many partners. He started Cosmi with 12 partners and ended up buying all of them out. "When Nintendo first came out, it devastated the PC business," said Johnson. "After five years of a rough transition, I went to all my partners and said, 'I'll pay you twice what you gave me.' So they went away."

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