Scary Move, Eh?

The risks of starting a business can be a fright. Fortunately, the right attitude can turn your quickened heart rate and night sweats into the kind of excitement that leads to a successful business.

When you become an entrepreneur, you create a whole new world for yourself-a world founded on exploring your passion. Opportunity awaits you, but, truth be told, it is a little frightening. Uncertainty takes over as you step into this new life. Your heart and mind seem to be going down separate paths, but you are confident there are untapped possibilities within you. You know you must make your idea a reality.

The feelings you have are familiar. Perhaps you recall the day you left for college or the moment you walked through the door to your first job. From Day One, everyone else seems to know exactly what they are doing. It seems like a road map has been published, and you were left off the distribution list.

"This dream has been bottled up inside you for years-it's your true self, not what others perceive you to be."

They know the "lingo." You try to fit in, but you know that you are not yet part of this new world. You realize you have to carve out your own unique position and that it will take time. You know you will do a great job, if people will just give you a chance.

Welcome to the birth of an entrepreneur! As you develop your own business, you will no doubt experience these feelings all over again.

Adding to the swirl of confusion, your passion begins to push you into a place where you become totally open and vulnerable. Your friends and family may not be supportive, because you may not be able to fully communicate your state of mind and heart. This dream has been bottled up inside you for years-it's your true self, not what others perceive you to be. This is the critical point where you decide to go for it or not.

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This article was originally published in the August 2002 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Scary Move, Eh?.

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