Scary Move, Eh?

The Energy Inside & Here and Now

The greatest challenge in The Entrepreneurial Zone is adjusting to the "new you." Once you enter The Zone, you actually stop using energy and begin creating it. Your internal energy (some call it spirit) expands. You realize it's not really about what you can get out of life, but rather how you can benefit other people. You are beginning to live your life from true intent-that burning feeling in your heart. It is hard work, but there is nothing more powerful and nothing more exciting.

Sure, The Zone is strewn with challenges. There will be moments when you will find yourself exhausted-completely overwhelmed with everything that has yet to be achieved. It may be when you apply for a trademark or when you seek financing, when you make your business cards or register your business with the city. Whenever that moment arrives, you'll know, because your stomach does a sideways flip.

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Here and Now
When you are navigating through The Entrepreneurial Zone, there will be moments when you think, "This thing is going nowhere fast." Relax. To become a successful entrepreneur, there is nowhere you must go. That's right. When you split the word "nowhere," you get "now" and "here." Nowhere = Now Here. You have already begun-"now" is the time, and "here" is the place to achieve your dream. Do it NOW; do it HERE.

Becoming an entrepreneur is a journey of a thousand little steps. The key is to stay present and focus on the one step you can take right now, right here.

Just like any new adventure, starting your own business comes in phases. And The Entrepreneurial Zone is a natural phase. If you feel lost, be patient. As your business continues to move forward, you will become more comfortable. You may even forget about that old world of "reality."

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This article was originally published in the August 2002 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Scary Move, Eh?.

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