Scary Move, Eh?

Begin Your Adventure & The Next Step

Take the time for a short exercise to relieve the stress of venturing into The Entrepreneurial Zone. First take out a piece of paper. Any piece of paper will do, even a napkin.

At the top, write the name of your business. If you have not named your business, make up a name or make up a dozen. Dream a bit.

Then, list all the reasons why you haven't implemented your idea and all the obstacles in your way. The reasons are many-we have all thought them: "I don't have enough time," "I need more money" or "My friends and family will think I'm crazy."

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Once you have finished writing, fold the piece of paper in half and hold it firmly. You are holding all your worries, fears and frustrations. Now, tear it up. That's right, tear up the piece of paper into the smallest bits and pieces you can. Ceremoniously put them in the trash bin. Let them go.

As you work on developing your idea, you will discover solutions to each of these concerns. You will learn the right questions to ask so you can receive the information you need. You have taken the first step. Now get ready for the ride!

The Next Step
When you speak from your true intent-your heart-you will spark other people's dreams. They, too, may open their hearts and dreams to you. They will look to you for guidance. Do not shut them out; share what you have experienced and learned. There is no better feeling than helping others achieve their dreams.

Don't be afraid to speak from your heart. Show people it is possible. Contribute to creating a world where everyone can experience making dreams a reality. Go for it, and proudly be a "party of one."

Speaker and consultant Romanus Wolter is known as "The Kick Start Guy." His book, Kick Start Your Dream Business, aims to help close the gap between goals and success.

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This article was originally published in the August 2002 print edition of Entrepreneur with the headline: Scary Move, Eh?.

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