Start Your MLM Right

Do your investment justice by preparing thoroughly for your business.

Q: I am just getting started in a network marketing program and want to make sure I do the right things in the beginning. How should I go about this?

A: Getting off to the right start takes some careful thought and planning. You should seek advice from your company, your sponsor and other industry professionals. Expect to get different recommendations from each advisor. They will not be all right, nor will they be all wrong. In fact, each advisor will give you their ideas based on their specific life experiences. You must determine what ideas fit your chosen opportunity, your own talents and personality. And you'll continually be experimenting to discover what does not work to get closer to what does work for you. Each time, you'll learn new success principles. So whether you're new to network marketing or you're recommitting yourself to your present company, you need to start with the right foundation.

Whether you're representing a product or a service, you should feel confident that the company delivers what it promises and that your upline sponsor can contribute to your success. Testing the product or service yourself to determine your own level of satisfaction is an obvious first step. But people rarely take the next important step: investigating the success and support of their sponsor. Most experts agree that network marketing is a people business more than it is a product business. Successful companies understand this--they know they grow their company by growing their people. The best distributors understand this principle as well, and will create an environment for downline growth and success. If you believe that many hands make for light work, you should make it a high priority to meet your sponsor's upline sponsor, that person's upline sponsor and so on. Their wisdom and experience can put you in high gear!

Before you sign the distributor application, make sure you don't become an orphan. Picking the right sponsor in the beginning is more important than thinking about whom you may sponsor later. And being directly under the company is usually not an asset, either. Company executives don't have the time to serve that function. They may place you under a good sponsor, but you won't have a choice in the matter. If you still have the choice, choose your sponsor carefully! You want a partnership that carries you through thick and thin.

If you're recommitting yourself to your current opportunity, I recommend that you find the most serious and committed upline person and build your relationship there. That may mean bypassing the support of your immediate upline in favor of someone who can be more supportive. This usually isn't a problem, since the company's compensation structure still rewards those in your upline tree. Maybe your sponsor or even his or her sponsor isn't as committed to success as you are.

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