Create a Blog to Boost Your Business

Time to Start Blogging

Want to get in on the action? Before you start blogging, be sure to review your main business objectives and determine if blogging could help achieve one or more of these goals. If you think it can, then you're ready to jump into blogging by doing the following:

Start reading blogs that teach you how to blog. As you might imagine, there are several blogs dedicated to teaching people the dos and don'ts of blogging. Here are ones I'd recommend:

  • ProBloggeris one of the best resources out there on how to become a great blogger.
  • The Blog Heraldoffers news about blogging. It often links to information or to-dos that any blogger should know.
  • Radiant Marketing Groupoffers expertise on how blogs can be used by businesses.
  • BlogWrite for CEOsis designed for higher-level executives, but it still contains a lot of good, basic information for someone just starting out--after all, many high-level executives are beginning bloggers.
  • In the Denali Flavors blog, I regularly post articles on blogging that I think are among the best available. It's an easy way for you to get educated on blogging without having to sort through all the articles that aren't worth your time.

Get the book, Buzz Marketing with Blogs for Dummiesby Susannah Gardner. Though the title suggests the book is about marketing, this is really a complete "how to blog successfully" manual. I've read several books on blogging, and this one is by far the best. It offers more specific details on everything I've covered in this series.

Read blogs that are consumer-based, too. You can get a list of all the top blogs at Truth Laid Bear. This site tracks traffic for blogs and makes the stats available to the public. After visiting the top blogs--which are most likely to be political blogs--at Truth Laid Bear, you'll need to branch out a bit. Some of my favorite nonpolitical blogs include:

  • Boing Boing.This is one of the most popular blogs around--and for good reason. Its tagline is "a directory of wonderful things," and this blog delivers. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be amazed. Boing Boing has it all.
  • PostSecret.People write their secrets on a postcard and send them in. You won't believe what they say--very eye-opening.
  • Luxist.OK, so most of us will never be able to afford the stuff the ultra-rich buy. But it's fun to look! This site highlights things only money--lots of it--can buy.
  • TV Squadand Cinematical. If you're a fan of television or the movies (or both!), you'll love the articles, insights and gossip found at these sites.

Or, if you want to find blogs on your own, search Google for blogs with the topic you have in mind. Poke around the results a bit, and you're sure to find several you like.

Start several test blogs almost right away. Start blogs about whatever interests you: your rose-growing hobby, your son's soccer training, news in your town, pro football. It really doesn't matter. Then test out different blog systems to see what you like best and what works for you. My suggestions:

  • Blogger.It's totally free, though it has limited functions.
  • TypePad.It's what I use and has great features and service.
  • BlogHarbor.This is also a great choice. It was a close second to TypePad for me.
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