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What's Your Damage?

News for entrepreneurs on the go.
January 1, 1998

It's a scenario every laptop owner fears: dropping your portable computer en route to your destination and causing permanent damage.

Unfortunately, that's not uncommon. Based on claims handled by computer insurance agency Safeware Inc., in 1996 accidental damage to laptops increased 45 percent over 1995. Although you can't prevent theft or natural disasters, some accidents--such as having your computer slide off your lap and fall to the ground--are avoidable. That's the idea behind ergonomic laptop accessories. Here's a sampling:

Up, Up And Away

By Karin Moeller

Time to pad those travel budgets. Business travel costs are expected to head skyward throughout the year, according to Travel One, a travel management company in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Here's how the figures stack up for 1998's Average rate increase:

Hotels: 10%

Airfares (domestic): 6%

Airfares (international): 7.5%

Car rentals: 5%

Meals and entertainment: 2.5%

Road Notes

By Catharine Brockman Kuchar

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Travel One, 5000 Atrium Wy., Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054, (800) 243-1600, (609) 222-3949