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Start It Up

Launching your business is simple with these software suites.
May 1, 1998

As a start-up business owner, you may need software to help with everything from business planning to legal matters. You could buy these programs one by one, but that's not the only way.

Start-up software suites offer several programs designed specifically for launching your start-up, all in one box. These software suites generally include documents, forms, templates, worksheets, checklists and more, and the prices are no more than one of the programs would cost if you purchased it separately.

The tools in these software suites aren't as full-featured as the versions sold in stand-alone packages--but in many cases, they may be all you need. Here's a closer look at several start-up suites.

Robert Schmidt is a computer and business writer in Culver City, California.


JIAN's BusinessBasics ($19.99) is a CD-ROM collection of more than 100 word processing and spreadsheet templates you use with the software you already have.

BusinessBasics' templates come in four categories:

Quicken Small Business Expert

Parsons Technology's Quicken Small Business Expert ($29) is a fully integrated package with three main sections:

Smart Business Start-Up

This $149 suite from the American Institute for Financial Research has four main modules you can run as separate applications or launch from the Smart Business Start-Up shell.

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