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Big Lessons

Putting big business techniques to work in your company.
June 1, 1998

Ever admired an operational or marketing technique a large corporation uses and wished you had the resources to do the same? You may not be doing business on the same scale, but there's no reason you can't adapt some big-company methods for your organization. The key is to examine what they do that works, then be creative in applying similar techniques to your operation.

Vance Grady, a business consultant with the University of South Carolina Small Business Development Center in Charleston, offers these ideas:

Finally, Grady says, do something not all large corporations do: Stay organized. That will help prevent mistakes and oversights. "The smaller the company, the more important it is that things don't fall through the cracks," Grady says. "The consequences of some mistakes that can be absorbed by large organizations can be devastating to a small business."

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