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Moving Beyond Your Home Office

What happens when you grow out of your office or decide homebased life isn't for you?
November 3, 2005

Home sweet home--as a homebased business owner, that perennial country sampler phrase encompasses your world. From sharing lunch with your kids in the kitchen and your hallway commute to your linen closet-cum-storage room, your home is your life. So why would you ever give up your home office?

Depending on which camp you reside in, your answer may be a simple "Hell no, I won't go!" or the appreciably more complex, "It's inevitable. My kids (and spouse) don't understand the concept of a closed door. I have no space. The refrigerator and television constantly beckon to me." But no matter what the problem, is it really necessary to (gasp!) find an office away from home?

Moving On Out
Several years ago, a friend asked me when I was going to get a "real office." Puzzled, I asked her what she meant. "You know," she said, "a place you drive to every day." A home office can be a real office, but as your business grows, you'll probably need to move on and out of your home office.

Many of my clients have taken the leap from a home office to an out-of-the-home office for several reasons:

Pros and Cons
The advantages of moving out of your home office boil down to increased professionalism, more space to work and unlimited growth potential. Of course, with any advantage come a few disadvantages, but nothing that can't be overcome:

Decisions, Decisions
Making the decision to move your office out of your home may be easier than deciding where to move. Ask yourself these questions:

When You Really Don't Want to Leave...
Relocating a home office isn't for everyone. When future growth, your bottom line and your professionalism are at stake, however, you've got to do something--and if you're completely opposed to moving out, here are some other ideas: