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Tools for Creating a Logo

A great logo can help make or break your startup. Here are the tools you need to create a memorable mark.
June 1, 2006

By definition, a logo is an identifying symbol. It can be an artistic representation of your business name (eBay) or a symbol (Apple Computer). Logos should engage your customers and make a lasting impression, as well as separate your business from your competitors. If you lack the skills to create your own logo, or if you have the artistic ability but don't understand the intricacies of logo design, try using the following resources to make your logo memorable.

Know Your Logo
If you decide to develop the logo your-self, here are some reference materials to inspire and educate you.

DIY Tools
Ready to design your business's logo? These tools will help you take that logo from your head to your letterhead.

Call In the Professionals
If the pinnacle of your artistic abil-ities was reached with a Crayola, don't despair-here are a few places where you can find experts to help.