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Stay Connected on the Road

Using technology to service clients and to keep in touch on the road.
July 1, 2006

More PR firms are using technology not only on behalf of their clients, but also to offer them better service.

Clients of Zigzag Net Inc., a Philadelphia marketing services and web development company, can log on to the company's password-protected extranet to check up on the status of projects, review finished graphics and even give approvals online.

"We used to have to rely on FedEx overnight. Now, if we finish something at 3, the client can see it at 3:45," says founder Mark Norris, 45, who believes immediate access to project status will become the PR industry norm.

At Springboard Public Relationsin Marlboro, New Jersey, a blog keeps clients in the know about general PR issues. Springboard also records conference calls with clients (with their permission, of course) to get more mileage out of the calls. A conference call introducing a new product to the company's sales team may be edited into a product overview for retailers or a media briefing. Digital re-cordings can be posted to a password-protected website and are available as limited-access podcasts.

According to Springboard founder Domenick Cilea, 39, "By capturing that valuable information, we can make one call or interview keep working for our clients."

Get Moving

Road warriors need technology beyond smartphones and laptops to stay productive. If you're faced with the task of choosing technology to fit your mobile sales force's needs, check out these portable devices, which just might do the trick: