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Straight To Video

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September 1, 1998

Unlike CD-ROMs, Digital Video Disks (DVDs) have the data storage capacity to hold a full-length movie --with room left for subtitles in four languages! If your laptop doesn't have a DVD drive, Margi Systems' DVD-to-Go PC card lets you add DVD capability without the cost of installing an internal drive. Just insert the card in the PCMCIA slot, attach an external DVD drive, and voilĂ ! Interactive sales presentations are at your fingertips, without making unreasonable demands on laptop batteries and memory. If your laptop already has a DVD drive, use DVD-to-Go to obtain Dolby digital surround sound and broadcast-quality video.

Margi Systems'
Price: $349
(888) OK-MARGI

Super Model

Whoever said beauty is only skin-deep didn't have a Toshiba Equium 100 PC sitting on their desktop. The Equium's slim chassis incorporates a 15-inch digital LCD flat-panel monitor that rotates up to 90 degrees to accommodate landscape or portrait displays, presenting a crisp, clear color display that emits zero radiation. Its elegant design takes up less than half the desk space of a 17-inch CRT monitor. But the Equium is not just another pretty face. A 266 MHz or 300 MHz Pentium II processor, 64MB DRAM, a 3GB or 4GB hard drive, and a 16X CD-ROM drive provide the reliability and high performance that business applications and multitasking environments demand.

Toshiba's Equium 100
Price: $2,999 (base)
(888) 598-7802


Embarrassed by that grimy ring around your hard drive? Does your display screen have that not-so-factory-fresh look? Do your fingers stick to the keys when you type? If so, clean up your laptop's act with Memorex's Portable Computer Cleaning Kit. The kit, which comes in a handy portable carrying case, includes a can of compressed air to dislodge dirt and dust from internal components and crevices, foam-tipped swabs for beautifying crusty keyboards, and a cloth that's specifically designed to wipe off unsightly smears, smudges and fingerprints from display screens.

Memorex's Portable Computer Cleaning Kit
Price: $7.99
(562) 906-2800