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Hot Idea: Home Automation and Media Storage

Offer clients the home of the future with your own home automation and media storage business.
November 17, 2006

A Jetsons-style home may not be that far off. Increasingly, home is where the high-tech is, and there's a need for entrepreneurs to pitch in to this burgeoning market. Broadband is rampant, networking technology has matured, and consumer devices and desires are ramping up. "It's been a slow-growth industry that is finally turning the corner," says Stoneham, Massachusetts, home systems consultant Kenneth Wacks.

Wacks points out some red-hot areas in the home automation and media storage market: lighting control, security systems, energy management, comfort control, entertainment systems and networked kitchen appliances. There's room for creative product development ideas, but entrepreneurs should also investigate the service side. Once homes are relying on all these technology items, consumers will need someone to make sense of it all, install equipment, and maintain and service the systems.

Home theaters, media servers, automated lighting and talking toasters aren't just for rich folks anymore. OK, we made up the talking toasters. But it's not that far-fetched. "Re-examine the mundane and find the gems, and apply your creativity," advises Wacks. It's a market with more facets than a princess-cut diamond. For more information, visit the Continental Automated Buildings Association and the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association.

Getting Started
Thinking of launching your own home automation and media storage business? Follow these tips: