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E-Mail Marketing for the Holidays

Use these creative e-mail marketing tactics to increase holiday sales or just let your customers know they're on your mind this holiday season.
December 1, 2006

Ready for the holidays? You still have plenty of time to purchase all your gifts. You can even do your shopping as late as December 24, if you dare. But when it comes to holiday communication from your business, now's the time to take action.

Sending holiday e-mail campaigns is an excellent way for you to stay connected with your customers, clients, investors and anyone else on your list. And we have some creative ways you can incorporate e-mail marketing into your holiday communication plan, whether you're looking to boost sales or just spread some holiday cheer.

E-Mails That Get Prospects to Buy
Perhaps the most obvious use of holiday-themed e-mail marketing is to encourage sales. You may already have plans to send holiday promotions to your customers to entice them to buy your products. Here are some ideas you can incorporate into your communication mix:

E-Mails That Maintain Client Relationships
Even if you aren't trying to get your clients to buy anything from you for the holidays, the season affords you the opportunity to show your gratitude and stay connected. Here are some ideas for making sure your customers know you're thinking of them:

Including e-mail marketing in your holiday communication plan is a cost-effective way to make a personal connection with your customers. The best news is, you can create all your holiday e-mails now and schedule them to go out over the next few weeks, leaving you the time you need to get your gift shopping done way before December 24.