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Staffing Your Trade Show Booth

The people manning your booth can make or break your success at a trade show. Here's how to make sure your staff will be effective.
December 15, 2006

Without dynamic trade show staffing, your pre-event marketing activities, eye-catching exhibit, effective signage, product demonstrations and high-appeal giveaways can all be wasted. Booth personnel are the lifeblood of your exhibit strategy.

During your events, booth representatives carry the responsibility for prequalifying your exhibit visitors, establishing relationships that convert prospects into leads and then into buyers, and personifying your product's quality and image.

In other words, the effectiveness of your exhibit team can make or break your success at any given show.

Therefore, you should staff your booth with the best and the brightest representatives from your organization--those who deeply believe in your product, have superior communication and customer-service skills, and fully understand your objectives.

If you must use volunteers, they need to have extensive training on all aspects of your organization, products, goals, target audience and sales message. Here are some guidelines for effective trade show staffing:

When you return from the show, have your booth representatives follow up with leads immediately with phone calls, packets, personal letters and invitations for meetings to discuss next steps.

Jules Sowder is an executive marketing advisor with 20 years of experience developing strategic marketing and sales solutions for businesses. For more information, visit her resource website