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Net's Worth

Will out-of-this-world Internet stocks come crashing back to earth?
September 1, 1999

Hindsight is wonderful. Especially when big bucks are involved. Take Internet funds. It's hard to imagine an investor who doesn't wish he or she had purchased shares early on. With returns often in the high double- or triple-digit range, these new-frontier funds represent the stuff dreams are made of.

Depending on whom you talk to, Internet stocks are either selling at such high prices they're sure to burst or represent a new era in which technology rules at any cost. While the truth probably lies in between, future investors need to remember two basics before socking hard-earned cash into an Internet fund:

If you're shopping for Internet funds, keep in mind there are plenty of funds that hold Internet stocks, but not all have portfolios made primarily of Internet and Internet-related securities. Here's a look at three that do:

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The Internet Fund, (800) 386-3999,

The Munder NetNet Fund, (800) 468-6337,

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