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Get Ready

Send your sales force on its merry way without training and support, and you could be taking a hit in the revenue.
October 1, 2007

"One of the biggest things companies do wrong is leave everything up to the salespeople and not set minimum standards of sales performance," says Chet Holmes, a sales consultant and author of The Ultimate Sales Machine. Instead, integrate these elements into your selling program for high-powered results:

When looking at a deal, it's important to consider where you can be flexible, says Goldner. Usually, you're selling a combination of product, service, payment terms, training and customer support. All these should be considered. By being creative and flexible (e.g., giving longer payment terms in exchange for a higher price, or shifting part of the charges into another financial period), Goldner says you can often reach an agreement that meets both the customer's and your company's needs.

Gwen Moran is co-author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Business Plans.