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Generate Buzz about Your Business

Sometimes buzz happens. Most times, however, you need to create it.
January 19, 2009

Psst, did you hear about the bank that sent everyone a potted plant and then performed random acts of kindness for people downtown?

When you're launching a new product or service, you want everyone to be pssting about your marketing campaign. The way to do that is to climb out of the generic marketing box you're in and get viral with a buzzworthy campaign.

BlueCurrent is a boutique PR firm that specializes in unique campaigns that get people talking. Take its Hibernia Bank campaign: It's the company that gave out plants as a "reverse welcome" to the neighborhood. And when BlueCurrent helped with an Einstein Bros. Bagels opening, it used a "bagel band"--an all-tuba band with large photos of bagels covering the horn openings--that played during morning rush hour while employees gave out samples.

Rob Martin, founding partner of BlueCurrent, reveals how to get people buzzing about your business:

Laura Tiffany is a web editor and freelance writer from Orange County, California.