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Laid Off? Check Here

If you're looking to get off the ground, these are the first steps.
March 17, 2009

We caught up with Rich Sloan, co-founder of, a free business advice and networking site, for a checklist of the first steps to getting you--and your business--off the ground after you've been laid off.

Laid off from a job in . . . Start a . . .
Construction Solar roofing contracting business, home renovation company, handyman business
Finance Fixed income asset management business, carbon-offset management and trade business
The automotive industry Hybrid technology repair business specializing in lithium ion batteries, electric motors or software
Manufacturing Manufacturing business of environmentally friendly products
Transportation Delivery services business focused on local, not long-haul, transport
Real estate Home-staging company
Temporary and support services Business development company, entrepreneurship coaching business
Retail trade Peer-to-peer e-commerce business, niche marketing of customized goods business

List compiled by John Assaraf and Murray Smith, founders of OneCoach, a provider of small business coaching services in San Diego, California.