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Physical Fitness Is Good for Business

Use these lessons from triathlon training to improve your work performance.
November 25, 2009

Triathlon participation is at an all-time high, according to USA Triathlon. A recent study the organization commissioned noted that a large number of triathletes are business professionals who have a passion (or, in my case, an addiction) to the multi-sport life, with hundreds of CEOs and business leaders actively participating in triathlons each year.

A former competitive swimmer and avid runner, I started participating in multi-sport endurance events in late 2008 as way to cope with the loss of my father to heart disease. Prior to this, I had long and religiously adhered to a fitness regimen that I found to be highly beneficial to both my physical and mental state, but I didn't expect that my newfound pursuit of performance-based fitness would also help me perform better as a business owner, industry leader and entrepreneur.

Coping With Stress

An Unexpected Key to Business Success

Relieve Your Stress

Take Care of Yourself, Too

I recognize and appreciate that all entrepreneurs have their own particular methods--mental and physical--for managing their business, coping with stress, overcoming challenges and leveraging opportunities. And all of us, whether we admit it or not, have a "game day" routine that we follow in advance of an important event or task we're preparing for. Whether you prefer to stay active through a marathon, triathlon or yoga or spin class, I truly believe that a sound body creates a sound mind, which in turn will lead to sound business decisions.

Metaphorically speaking, I can go on and on about the parallels between endurance sports and business entrepreneurship. Both endeavors require training, preparation and goal-setting:

Tips for getting your game on: