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You've Outgrown Your Home Office. Now What?

Tips for mom entrepreneurs ready to find a workplace outside the home
December 14, 2009

Many mompreneurs start and run their businesses from home. After all, that's the goal of their business: to be home with their family. But as your business grows, you might decide to leave your home nest and move into professional office space. That was the case for my business, which just moved to an office after eight years of being home-based.

So far, the experience has been nothing short of wonderful. I'm excited about getting to work every day and wish there were more hours I could spend at the office. It's amazing to be in a place that really fosters the creative energy of my team. I am re-energized.

But the timing had to be right.

In the early years, my goal was to be home with my babies. Even if I had help, I wanted to be there when they woke up from a nap or to join them in the kitchen for lunch. My hours, like their schedules, were not dependable. Work was accomplished in bits and pieces.

Now that both of my kids are in school, I'm able to keep a more traditional schedule. I'm not sure what happened. But I suddenly reached a tipping point and realized that my home no longer fit my business. While Stroller Strides is usually very strategic, in this case I just took a leap into the new space. I share with you now some of the things you need to think of when it's time to leave home:

Questions to ask yourself:

Find a commercial real estate agent who knows both your needs and the neighborhood. He or she can help you search for what's available and negotiate your lease.

The most important thing is that your business works, not where you work in your business. If you plan it right, the flight out of the nest is a great one.