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How Social Media Can Rev Up Revenue

Social media helps local businesses better engage customers and boost revenue. Here's how to make it do the same for yours.
November 30, 2010

Joe Sorge is a soft-spoken guy with a fast smile. He runs a couple of restaurants in Milwaukee, including the AJ Bombers burger place, which is where I met him. But how I met him is the real story: I tweeted that I was visiting Milwaukee, and Sorge was fast on the response: "Well, if you're hungry, we have a burger waiting for you at AJ Bombers."

It turns out Sorge does this a lot. By listening to people talking on Twitter and Facebook about visits to his city, mixed with customers' word-of-mouth on the quality of their experience, Sorge is seeing great results. How great?

His success isn't an isolated experience for small-business owners. Here are two more telling examples:

How to Stay Plugged In
Mick Galuski runs the Toy Soldier Games and Comics store in Amesbury, Mass., which is directly below my new office. When I ask him how social media is working for him, he says:

How to Polish Your Image
Brian Simpson and Adam Wallace have been using social media to grow relationships for the Roger Smith Hotel in New York City. July was one of their best months in recent years--attributable, in part, to their social media efforts. "As soon as you realize all of your customers and guests have an audience--on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Foursquare, etc.--you start to focus on the little things more, improving both your business and the customers' experience," Simpson says.

He offers a few things to keep in mind when using social media:

It will cost you time and effort to embed a solid social media strategy in your business, but the effect it can have on customer relationships makes it all worthwhile. Don't let such a low-cost opportunity pass you by.