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How to set up a multilevel marketing plan
July 22, 2002

Business Start-Ups magazine, April 1999

Q: I've found a fantastic product with sole source rights in the United States and Canada. I'm looking to set up a direct (multilevel) marketing plan. Where do I get the necessary information to properly and legally do so?

A: Michael Sheffield, president of Sheffield Resource Network, a Tempe, Arizona, management consulting and product sourcing company for the direct-selling industry, says start-up steps and costs include registering with various states; trademarking your business and/or product; buying or manufacturing your products; maintaining inventory; designing packaging; developing a distributor kit and materials; hiring a staff; and advertising.

Four states--Wyoming, Massachusetts, Louisiana and Georgia--require multilevel companies to register prior to starting operations, says Kevin Grimes, an attorney with Grimes & Reese PLLC in Idaho Falls, Idaho. For details, contact the secretary of state or the attorney general's office in those states.

If you plan to do business in more than one state, consult an attorney about foreign corporation statutes--state laws that require you to register as a foreign corporation if you do business in a state outside the one in which you're incorporated. An attorney can also tell you if you need to collect and remit sales tax to the various states. Last but not least, you should have an attorney or other qualified expert review your distributor-compensation plan to ensure it's in order.

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