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5 Ways to Land Press for Your Startup From Your Dorm Room

August 30, 2012

Editor’s Note: College Treps is a weekly column that puts the spotlight on college and graduate school-based entrepreneurs, as they tackle the tough task of starting up and going to school. Follow their daily struggles and this column on Twitter with the hashtag #CollegeTreps.

Startups are naturally pretty lean, as maybe they haven't landed any seed money or even a sale yet. So spending anything on marketing is likely a stretch.

But when starting up, generating exposure for your company can be vital. For cash-strapped startups, fortunately, gaining the attention of the media can often cost little or nothing -- and chances are good that doing so will help build brand awareness.

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That's how I got the folks from Agent Anything to give me a chance. I joined the New York-based services marketplace during my freshman year of college in 2010, just before the site officially launched. I convinced the founders to take me on even though there were no job openings. I saw the large-scale potential in the "eBay for services" website, and recognized that they needed to generate awareness and goodwill.

You could wait around for someone like me to come along, or you could try on your own. Here are five media-generating tricks of the trade that any young entrepreneur can accomplish in between classes:

How have you managed to gain notice for your brand from the media? Tell us in the comments section below.