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4 Tips for Navigating Your Local Tech Scene

October 4, 2012

Having a great idea is only half the battle.

As any seasoned entrepreneur or investor will tell you, execution and the ability to sell are the real bridges between success and failure. Given that heightened importance of execution, a strong support network, like that found in your local-tech community, is critical for any young startup to succeed -- and my company is no exception.

When a college friend and I first began building Travefy, a tool that helps groups simplify their travel plans, I knew that to succeed, I'd have to negotiate New York's burgeoning tech scene. Although intimidating for any entrepreneur -- especially those like me who are working on their first startup -- it is vital to get to know fellow tech companies in your area to meet potential partners, learn from the experiences of others, raise awareness of your product and, most importantly, market yourself.

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Thankfully for me, today's New York tech community -- or Silicon Alley, as it's nicknamed -- has developed dramatically in the past few years. According to a recent study conducted by the Center for an Urban Future, the Big Apple's tech community is the fastest growing in the country, with a 32 percent jump in the number of venture capital deals since 2007.

While this kind of attention has helped startups lasso funding, it's also ideal for finding keen advice from veteran entrepreneurs. For us, we were able to tap into New York's vibrant tech community to help us conceptualize Travefy and even build-out our platform.

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From this experience, here are my four tips for successfully navigating not just New York's tech scene but your local-tech community too: