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The 25 Toughest Companies for Interviews

August 9, 2013

You've probably gotten the third degree in job interviews in the past, but here are some examples that make the third degree feel like a cake walk.

From interviews that last 55 days to fielding hardball questions like "How many people watched YouTube in your country in the last hour," many of the nation's top employers put interviewees through the wringer as a matter of policy, according to a survey called "Top 25 Most Difficult Companies to Interview."

For the third year in a row, New York City-based consulting firm McKinsey & Company wins the dubious honor of toughest interviewer, followed by Chicago-based ThoughtWorks. Rounding out third place is the Boston-based consulting firm Boston Consulting Group, says Glassdoor, the career-community website, which conducted the survey.

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To gauge the toughest interviewers, Glassdoor culled the 170,000 interview review submissions over the last 12 months. The ratings are based on five-point scale with one being very easy and five being very difficult.

One noted observation from Glassdoor: Difficult interviews don't necessarily mean a negative experience once hired. Facebook has the highest satisfaction rating (4.8), Guidewire grabs the number two spot (4.6) and McKinsey & Company rounds out the top three (4.3).

To see a complete list of the 25 most difficult companies for job interviews and what candidates had to say about the process, check out our slideshow: