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Hurricane Sandy and Its Aftermath: By the Numbers

October 24, 2013

Editor's Note: One year after Hurricane Sandy laid waste to countless businesses and homes across the eastern seaboard, we take a look back at those dramatic few days. Stay tuned tomorrow for more of our Sandy Anniversary coverage.

As with most events of significance, pointing to statistics can be telling -- providing a window into the sheer depth of an incident or activity. In the case of superstorm Sandy, those facts and figures, however fascinating, are also tragic. Not only did hundreds of people lose their lives, last year's hurricane and post-tropical cyclone left billions of dollars in damages and lost revenue in its wake.

Here's a look at the 100 years' storm, by the numbers:

For more, here's a timeline from the Federal Emergency Management Agency breaking out the events during and after the superstorm.

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Hurricane Sandy and Its Aftermath: By the Numbers

In the mad dash to stock up on supplies in anticipation of Sandy, grocery stores showed huge numbers of shoppers. Here, Foursquare's data scientist, Blake Shaw, posted this image of the uptick in grocery store check-ins when everyone was grabbing supplies before Sandy hit.
Image credit: Foursquare

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-Neil Parmar contributed reporting to this post.


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