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Google+ Gets Big, New Upgrades for Hangouts and Photos

October 29, 2013

Business owners who count Google+ among their top social networks for marketing purposes have some new goodies to play with. At an event today, Google unveiled several updated features for Google+ that are meant to improve Hangouts as well as photos and videos.

Hangouts, which are used to privately or publicly video chat between friends or colleagues, are getting a number of upgrades:

The Android app and video calling features will be available in a few days, Google says. The On Air improvements should roll out over the next few weeks.

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Photo editing functions on Google+ are also getting an upgrade with enhanced auto enhancement features as well as new filters. What's more, users can take advantage of smart searching, meaning Google+ can better recognize search terms for different objects within images. Search for that crazy awesome "snowman" you made last winter and, voilà, it should appear.

Apple iOS users can now back up and sync full-size pictures. So, you can save and back up images on-the-go as you take them.

Google+ is also rolling out new features for its "Auto Awesome" photo editing tool, including:

The photo and video improvements will be available this week, Google says. The Auto Awesome features work on certain devices with Android 4.3.

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