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Want to boost your sales? Go back to school.
April 1, 2000

School-based fund-raising programs could add a whole new force to your sales team.

"There's money to be made in fund raising," says Carol Exley, owner of Colorado Gold Promotions Inc., a promotions firm in Lakewood, Colorado, that works with schools and nonprofit organizations to structure product-based fund-raising programs. "But you have to be smart about it."

Exley evaluates the fund-raising needs and capabilities of her clients and assists them in designing programs that will ensure the success of their fund-raising efforts. To do this, she draws on Colorado Gold Promotions' local resources as well as its national suppliers.

Gwen Moran is president of Moran Marketing Associates, a public relations and marketing communications agency in Ocean, New Jersey. She is currently completing a marketing workbook titled Promote Your Business. E-mail her at

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