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Blind Faith

Don't worry! We'll tell you how to overcome your feelings of intimidation and reach your goals.
July 1, 2000

You feel mixed emotions as you consider leaving your day job to work for yourself. One moment, you're so pumped, you can't think about anything else. But the next, you're stricken with fear, intimidated by the uncertainty that lies ahead. (What if I fail? What do I even know about starting a business, anyway?)

"[Intimidation] is a feeling that somehow you aren't good enough," explains David Verchere, 33, CEO of Corporate Gear LLC, a New York City exchange and application service provider for the promotional products industry that recently closed a $1.5 million financing round. "We all classify ourselves in relation to others. When we apply that to our ambitions, we don't always see our potential, but rather our limitations."

Richard Kaufman, 31, agrees. "When you're intimidated, you feel doubt and uncertainty about whether you're up to the challenges that life throws your way," says Kaufman, president and CEO of, a Deerfield Beach, Florida, direct Internet marketing company. "You wonder if your ideas will be accepted by your family and business associates. And then there is a fear of failure...especially when you have successful competitors."

Every aspiring entrepreneur gets intimidated to some degree. That's a given. Here's how they overcome those feelings of intimidation and accomplish their goals:

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How do you gain the right perspective and leverage in your business dealings?

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