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The latest happenings at Show Me PCs and The Next Step Magazine
March 1, 2001

This franchise has potential in the B2B market because it provides employers with the convenience they demand. Says president Mark Cameron, "We can schedule two hours in the day and visit with employees in their offices, so if the boss needs them, they're still available."

With 4-, 8-, 12- and 16-week packages to accommodate varying needs, Show Me PCs also offers clients free continued support via phone or e-mail.

"For every issue, we give [franchisees] all the articles and the cover, fully designed, on disc," says publisher David Mammano. "Franchisees sell [ads] locally in their state, put them back on the disc and then send the disc back to us, and we do the printing and mailing, too. So everything's done for them. It's the perfect opportunity for an ad salesperson who wants to have his or her own business."