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Putting Together Your Press Kit

If you're looking for publicity, a stellar press kit isn't optional--it's a must.
December 1, 2001

We're not tooting our own horn or anything...but the press (yep, that's us) has a lot of power when it comes to positive buzz about your business. A mention in a magazine, a small story in an e-zine or a good review on the radio can catapult your business to the next level.

Want to get the members of the press to take notice? We went to Deborah Schwartz, founder of Bethesda, Maryland, communications firm Media Relations Inc., to get the skinny on how an entrepreneur can put together a press kit and wow all those cheeky Woodward & Bernstein wannabes. Here are her tips (along with some of our own observations) on how to wow 'em, without boring them to tears.

Remember, the key to getting press is pumping up the unique side of your business. Put on those creative hats, and think of new ways to let all those journalists know why your start-up is so stinkin' fabulous.