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Are You a Leader or Follower?

Answer a few questions to see whether operating an independent business or a franchise is right for you.
January 28, 2002

Everyone has his or her own ideas about giving orders--and taking them. If you bristle at the thought of being told how to set up your merchandise, how to display the advertising banners or having to report your sales and expenses every month, you should think about how you'll feel when you are expected to follow an entire system every day. That's day in and day out-year after year.

Successful franchising is based on the principle that following a detailed structure is your best guarantee of success. As a franchisee, part of what you buy is the franchisor's system and knowledge. Your role is to follow the formula the franchisor has developed and to look for ways to improve your operation within the system. That means following the rules, working within the system and running your business according to the agreed-upon plan.

Ask yourself these questions:

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