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Company Emergencies

This is only a test . . . but do you know what you should should do in the event of a real emergency?
February 6, 2002

Disasters come in all shapes and sizes-from hurricanes and earthquakes to fires and utility failures-and your business' survival depends on how prepared you are for each of these situations.

The responsible thing to do is to plan for disaster. Your local utility companies can help you develop a plan for dealing with power, water and telephone outages. The Red Cross and emergency-management agencies can help with other aspects of disaster preparedness. And put your plan in writing. Copies should be maintained in your office and in the possession of key people in your organization.

The general areas your plan should cover include:

Once you've written your plan, practice it. Disaster drills are critical to an effective response to an actual situation. Drills make sure everyone not only knows what to do but that they've also done it already. Finally, evaluate your plan periodically to make sure all the information is current and your strategy is consistent with your needs.